Quality, tasty & delicious ice cream

what is liquid N2 iCE CREAM?

We whip up delicious ice cream for your guests on the spot! Select your favorite flavor, optional serve ware for your event or brand for a unique way to enjoy sweet treats! Having an interactive food experience for your guests can add some fun way of experiencing corporate events cocktail hour, a bridal shower, birthday party or wedding. We want to serve up delicious treats, while delivering the best service for our guests.

We mix & freeze your favorite cocktail/drink

what is liquid N2 COCKTAIL?

Your favorite mojito, pina colada or frozen drink mixed and frozen with liquid nitrogen and served fresh. This is perfect for cocktail hour, weddings, corporate events etc. For corporates you can brand our equipment with your logo/brand and serve up a signature drink. For events such as weddings you can brand our equipment to suit your theme, story or signature color!

Just like dragon ball cereal, we freeze-fry and serve your favorite popcorn. It's a cool way to enjoy a regular snack and will sure be fun, playful and interactive for your guests

We freeze-fry popcorn for a fun dragon breath effect

what is liquid N2 POPCORN?

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A local mom, runner and science mixologist

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about us

Meet the Squad

I am a wife and mother of four, currently living in the Northern Virginia area. I am very passionate about culinary and visual arts. I have bartended and catered events in the South, (specifically around the Atlanta and Savannah area) for over 12 years.

This seasoned time in bartending and servicing catering events put me through art school and helped me pursue other passions. My extensive knowledge behind the bar, coupled with my creativity and love for my work makes me well suited to help you plan and serve up the most delicious Ice Cream and cocktails for your event.

In my spare time I love running with my German Shepherd Ghost, spend time with my awesome kids and exploring what the local art scene has to offer creatively.

hi, there. I'm

Bree Delac

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