Fresh - source seasonal produce for our ice cream and cocktails
Local - with produce from most of the regional farms for fruits and produce
Sustainable seasonal and Organic ingredients at peak fruit seasons for our ice creams and any other recipe that calls for fruit


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, cocktails and freeze-fried popcorn

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Our lab Philosophy

Why we do it

If a signature drink is your option, we will offer a creative and fun way of serving up your drink of choice with our N2 Cocktail option!

We use Gourmet Popcorn from Popped! republic to serve up your favorite flavor in a unique way with our N2 Popcorn option!

We have an extensive option menu for the flavors but sure do let us know if you already have something in mind, we are willing to work with you to suit your specific story, event or theme!

We love people, have a sweet tooth, enjoy the occasional bubbly & love doing awesome science experiments!

Who says you have to trade in your lab coat when you are ready to party? Science is life, science is fun and science can be entertaining!

Want to do something that stands out while serving the most delicious treats to your guests, we promise to make you happy!

Our goal is to use the most local, organic and sustainable ingredients to serve up delicious ice cream with our N2 Ice Cream option.

Is Liquid Nitrogen Safe?
Liquid Nitrogen is a cryogenic liquid and requires trained and experienced technicians to handle it. We ensure that proper safe handling and operating of our tanks in food preparation. In our methods of food preparation, once the liquid sublimates (or stops smocking) its safe to enjoy your cocktails, ice cream or popcorn.

What is your booking policy?
We require at least 21 days to book us to come to your event. Depending on availability we require a deposit, signing our service contract to ensure delivery and date of service requirements are met. We require a 50% deposit and signed contract to secure a date/time. The final balance is due 7 days before service delivery.

What is your cancellation policy?
We are happy to offer a full refund of your deposit/or paid invoices if we receive a cancellation 21 days prior to your event.

Are there additional charges?
Custom requests for serveware, decor and branding have additional charges. Lets discuss how we can help you 

What do you provide for an event?
We provide everything for the ice cream and popcorn options. We DO NOT PROVIDE the alcohol for cocktails. If you hire us for the cocktail option we bring everything else for the chosen signature cocktail(s) but NOT the alcohol.

What is your Allergy policy?
We can't guarantee allergy free with our equipment. We share all our ingredients for all your guests if requested. 

Any other questions?
Give us a call, we would love to chat! 304 802 4213


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